Moving Forward in the Freelancing World?

Since I was kid I loved to play with colors on paper, streets, walls and I keeped that kid inside of me. Well, it has been forgoten for a while and a bit. I haven’t enoung time for the Kid at least not as much as I wanted to. I did My full time job on City … Continue reading


What’s So Great (And Not) About Freelancing

What’s there to hate about freelancing? You get to follow where your passion lies, there’s unmatchable flexibility on how you get to manage your own time and work, and most importantly –no boss breathing down your neck all day long! You are your own boss! You wouldn’t want to have it any other way, would … Continue reading

10 habits to help you master graphic design

Traditionally, we tend to think the only way to learn more is either through practice or theory. We do more, or we study more, and that’s about it. While this is essentially true, it’s worth noting that there is much more to learning than theory and practice. It’s the habits we create, day in and … Continue reading

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